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                CAS-PIFI Postdoctoral Fellowship: An Exciting and Rewarding Experience

                Doing my postdoctoral fellowship at CAS has made me see the greatness in the organization and how wonderful it is to work with its professional staff members. The present collaboration is very rewarding and I will continuously seek for future opportunities to work with CAS. When the situation permits, I will also be willing to invite CAS members to my university for additional collaborations. With my research, we have already created a niche in lignocellulose nanofibers. Therefore, continuous functionalization and applications are areas for future collaborations.

                Honorable and Unforgettable Life and Research at CAS

                Being awarded as a CAS-PIFI was a great honor and I was very excited for having the chance and opportunity to work in China in an excellent, high-qualified scientific atmosphere. This award provided a great opportunity for me to extend my scientific work in a broader topic and exchange my experience and expertise with colleagues of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                My First-hand Experience with Wuhan's Fight against the Epidemic

                When I look back, I sum up my experience during the lockdown as ‘roller coaster of emotions’ as homesickness, an increasing number of cases, then a decreasing number of deaths and suspected cases, a possible cure for COVID-19, caring gestures from the community, and finally motivational words from teachers, family and friends caused multiple mood swings within a day.

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